From the other side

Thank you to everyone who sent their love, support, and best wishes for today! The exchange surgery was a piece of cake! Nom nom. 🙂

2013_9_3 post-exchangeWe started just after 9am and I was on my way home by 2pm. Dr. M removed my tissue expanders and replaced them with silicone implants. I didn’t see him post-op, so don’t know yet what projection and volume I ended up with. They are definitely smaller than the expanders and are not all the way up to my collar bones. Woo hoo! I haven’t messed much with the dressings and plan on leaving this up to Dr. M.

On the pain scale, I’m at about 2. Really feeling good. I took Norco, stinky antibiotics, and some Arnica Montana to help fight inflammation and bruising as soon as I got home and ate something. This time around the nurse gave me an anti-nausea, behind-the-ear patch. I do have terrible dry mouth, though, so I’m drinking lots of water and eating cough drops like candy. This also means frequent trips to the potty.

Drain reservoir

I am sporting a sexy hospital-issue bra and an ACE bandage as you can see above and dealing with two drains. Yes, this happened. The tubes exit my armpits causing me more discomfort than the chest pains! Once again they are the giant hemovac type reservoirs. I have a follow up appointment Wednesday afternoon, during which the drains are supposed to be removed. Less than 24 hours to go!

10 thoughts on “From the other side

  1. beth griffin

    glad to hear you are doing ok! i love your blogs, i hope to have my exchange in about three months! you give me lots to look forward to! take care!

  2. Lannis

    Oh, so glad to hear it went well! Also, if you have to wear an ACE bandage for a long time (I had to wear mine for at least the first two weeks–but I believe that was due to previous complications), I highly recommend the 3M Tensor brand bandage. (Erm… if you can get them in the States, that is…)

    And I’m with you on the drain pain… ugh… they were the worst part of that second surgery. Crossing my fingers everything’s perfect for you so there’s no hiccoughs in their removal on Wednesday. Take it easy!

  3. Lisa

    Congratulations! So glad to hear that your pain is only at a 2. Take it easy! And don’t worry about how you’re implants look now – they’ll change shape and projection as they settle in. LL

  4. An UnCool Midwife

    Thank you so much for posting! And on DOS, no less! Mine’s a week from tomorrow. You give me hope it won’t be as awful as the first–but I think I had really unrealistic expectations about that one. Glad to know you can already tell the size of these feels better. Rest well!

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