Squishy time

Mario finishWell, the day is almost here. Exchange surgery is less than 12 hours away! I’m so happy to finally be here. All that’s left is a good night’s sleep. I feel like Mario when he finally reaches those stairs at the end of the level. 😀

Following the handy-dandy checklist I put together for my prophylactic mastectomy back in January, I have gotten everything ready. Based on all the feedback from the Ladies that have gone through the exchange surgery before me, I expect this to be a breeze. The exchange surgery will only take about two hours and will be an outpatient procedure. I should be home by about 4pm.

Prep for surgery

I didn’t borrow a recliner this time, so I built myself a pillow-fort-kind-of-thing on the bed. I prepped a basket of essentials to keep by my bedside. It will travel with me between the bed upstairs and the couch, as needed. The hospital bag is packed with a few essentials like the tablet, hand wipes, chapstick, cough drops, lanyard (for those stinkin’ drains), medications, and my awesome My Destiny Foundation tiara.

I have been downing prune juice for the past couple of days to get ahead of the constipation. Also bought some snacks and food items that will be easy to prep while I’m home alone this week. I took the rest of the week off and expect to be doing absolutely nothing.

Later gaters. Write to ya from the other side!

9 thoughts on “Squishy time

    1. Mogatos Post author

      LOL I was very surprised when my PS said I’d have a couple of drains, because majority of the women that have been through this said they did NOT have drains again. I am still hoping that I will not have any when I wake up. Fingers crossed!

  1. Ray

    Good luck!! I think for us who experienced mastectomy, this surgery is like a Christmas Day! LOL I hope everything goes well for you. Sorry to hear about the drains. I had those things for 4 weeks after my mastectomy and was happy to hear that I didn’t have to have them after my exchange surgery. I hope they’ll come out quickly after the surgery. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll wake up w/o them!?!

    Good luck to you. So excited for you!


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