The reveal

WARNING: NSFW / graphic content below.

Saw the PS this afternoon for my exchange surgery follow-up. Some great news and some not so awesome. First, the good news: the hemovac/pancake drains have been removed. Woo hoo!!! Buh buy, I hope I never see you again!

In other news: during this appointment I got to see the girls in their full glory for the first time. They are smaller than what I was expecting, even with my over-compensation when declaring what the perfect size would be. We discussed doing 400-450ccs and over-filled to 550ccs to accommodate this volume. The implants I have are Mentor round, smooth, high profile silicones in 350ccs. I was very adamant that I did not want to be able to rest a drink on my bosom. Well, I definitely got the natural slope I wanted. No “shelving” in sight!

2013_9_4And the not so awesome news: righty sits lower than lefty. When I had the expanders, it was the other way around: lefty sat lower than righty. The PS had to open up the pocket to make things even. I don’t know if too much tissue was separated or if it is just swelling or if that’s the void from the drain tube that will eventually close down a bit. This is pretty obvious when I put on a tank top. I didn’t really get a good look and notice this until I was at home, so haven’t yet discussed it with Dr. M.

Aside from the asymmetry and being smaller than I anticipated, I think they actually look pretty good. I like the shape, the amount of cleavage, and the natural slope.

12 thoughts on “The reveal

  1. An UnCool Midwife

    Thanks so much for the update. You look wonderful. Don’t panic about the asymmetry– you’re right, much of it may be due to swelling and fluid not quite out yet (they did JUST remove the drains, after all). Rest well, & enjoy feeling more “done” with this whole business.

    1. Mogatos Post author

      I am definitely trying to take it easy. I’m kind of controlling and a worry wart by nature, so I can’t help but pick it all apart. I KNOW all will be well in the end. 🙂

    1. Mogatos Post author

      Thanks, Diane. I am definitely an analyzer. Can’t help it. I just sent an email to Dr. M and got a reassuring response, though. It’ll tighten up soon, I’m to ware my sexy hospital bra, and show up for the scheduled appointment on Friday. I’ll definitely be there. 🙂

    1. Mogatos Post author

      Thank you! I’m hoping same – no more surgeries. Did you develop an infection or some other reaction to your implants, or did you remove them by choice?

  2. Lannis

    They look awesome, Mogatos!

    And (::raises hand::) I’m a member of the asymmetrical boobage club. Welcome aboard. That said, there’s a good chance it’ll even out, so don’t panic. I’m still waiting for one to drop, but at this point, I’m none too concerned. If your PS had to open the pocket a bit, it’s probably swelling you’re looking at. Just breathe, girlie. You look fabulous! 🙂


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