Last expansion of round 2

WARNING: NSFW / graphic content below.

For the second time now, I am excited to declare that I am done with expansions! Yes, I’m celebrating just like I did last year when I finished the process then. We added 50ccs to the expander on my left (right in pic below), for a total of 550ccs. I now wait until September 11 for my exchange surgery. Time to bring back the calendar countdown thingie!

During my appointment, I had an opportunity to discuss the upcoming procedure with my plastic surgeon. I wanted him to eyeball things, make sure everything is OK, and confirm that all we are doing is taking out a tissue expander and placing the Mentor round, smooth, high profile, silicone implant in 450ccs.

Well, it looks like the implant on my right is making the trek south again – bottoming out. This means that during the exchange surgery, Dr. M will have to go in on my right side and close up the pocket from the bottom. This is what he did in April, so I’m concerned about whether or not this will hold. He explained that this time he will do the vest-over-pants (overlapping) closure, which should hold tight. I sure hope so, because I’m counting down to surgery #5 and now at 1.5+ years into this thing. I do not want any more surgeries!

We also discussed the current implant and whether I am happy with its size and the shape. I’m not unhappy, let’s just say that, but I did ask about the difference between high and ultra high profiles. Dr. M will look into the specific measurements and we will discuss when he returns from vacay. If there was something to improve on, projection would be it, but after discussing with the hub I am thinking that I don’t even want to go there. He agrees.

This is a 450cc silicone implant on the left of pic and a 550cc tissue expander on the right.


7 thoughts on “Last expansion of round 2

  1. Rama's Mama

    Your breasts look great so far. You are going to have a wonderful outcome. I’m 2 years out from a bilateral mastectomy with 10 reconstructive surgeries following over those 2 years. Meh. I still don’t have breasts that look as good as yours but you know, I’m so done. I’ll take what I have! Good luck to you! Quick healing vibes being sent!

    1. nope2BC Post author

      Thank you for the comments and well wishes! One one hand I want to have a great outcome, because why the hell not?!? These are man-made boobs, we should be able to get things just right. On the other, I’m nearing that point you describe – so done! Two years out, are you spending much time thinking about this process? Or is it all behind you and doesn’t come up in thoughts or conversations often?

  2. beth g.

    yay!!! happy for you to be on your way. my right implant bottomed out, (it always hung lower with the expander), and I told my doc to fix it when he did the initial exchange(11/26/13)- well, the alloderm apparently didn’t hold so on 4/3/14, he did the stratisse and guess what? yep dropped, but no way am I going in again, I don’t care if it settles behind my right kneecap, I am sooo “done done done done done done-we are done!” **singing to the tune of the new song, “we are done” lol lol!!!! good luck!

    1. nope2BC Post author

      I hear ya! Being done is going to be such a relief as I am sure it is for you. If I wasn’t going under already to exchange the expander, I would just leave it be.

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