Back to work

So it has been over six weeks since my prophylactic mastectomy and I feel great. My recovery has gone relatively smoothly and I am enjoying the return of full range of motion, exercising, lifting the kitties, scratching the middle of my back, vacuuming (maybe “enjoying” is a bit too strong of a word for this one), and I’m finally back to work.

slouchingI have a desk job, so it isn’t very physically demanding, but I did feel completely pooped after my second day back. Sitting in one spot for most of eight hours is much different than lounging on the couch and it caught up with me. I find that the tightness across my chest, while not painful, is uncomfortable, so my shoulders droop to relieve the pressure and I slouch. Although I’m more comfortable that way, it makes my whole body ache at the end of the day. It’s just awkward. I must admit that I was getting kind of bored at home, though, so the return to work was good for me. I missed the face-to-face interaction with my friends and co-workers.

heartsOn the healing end of things: I still have a scab on lefty (about the size of a dime). Expander fills have been delayed until all is well and the scab falls off on its own. My next appointment with the plastic surgeon is scheduled for March 29th, so I am hoping healing will be complete by then and we can begin the expansion process.

Not much else going on in post-mastectomy land.

5 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Deborah Maue

    Sneezing is the worst! I am now 6+ weeks out, and I still have this, “”Oh no!” moment of panic when I realize I’m about to sneeze. Hope you are feeling well. I’m still having difficulty sleeping. The chest expanders make it so uncomfortable to be on my side.

    1. Mogatos Post author

      I agree, sneezing is no fun. The side-sleeping thing will get better for you soon – especially in a little over a month when you have your exchange! That should be a breeze compared to the PBM. How did the fills go for you? Painful? How much did they fill each time?

      I’m feeling great, thanks! Today is my two month PBMversary AND the necrotic area is finally all healed up – the last little bit of scab came off this morning.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. bsf

    I feel your back pain, only it’s in my own back! After a few days at work, it did seem to get batter. A lumbar pillow might help too – it allowed me to feel comfortable leaning backwards more instead of slumping over.


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