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I said NOPE to Breast CancerWelcome to my website! Thank you for stopping by. Join me in saying NOPE to breast cancer!

My mission and passion is to do whatever I can to help educate, support, and uplift others like myself, those we call PREVIVORS. We are facing an increased risk, or a predisposition, to cancer. Those who have made or are perpending some difficult decisions related to their health, overall well being, and future. Decisions nobody wants to have to make. Decisions that deeply affect us and our loved ones. Decisions and consequences that change lives.

To that end I started a blog about my own story and determination to say nope to breast cancer by undergoing a risk-reducing prophylactic bilateral mastectomy (PBM). I also joined many in-person and online support groups, became a volunteer Outreach Coordinator for FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, and most recently started my own business: nope2bc! I have been and will continue to make every effort towards improving lives of other individuals like myself. If I’ve helped one person, I have succeeded.

Join me in saying NOPE to breast cancer

Etsy logoJewelry bannerVisit my Etsy store to see what is keeping me busy! I recently started making cancer awareness themed jewelry. The bracelets start at just $15 and come in many designs, lengths, clasps, and colors – not just pink and teal. Buy one for yourself or make someone else happy. These make a great and meaningful gift. What’s better than making someone smile AND doing it for a great cause? The best part of this whole deal: I donate ALL proceeds to FORCE (100%). Help me make a difference.

I have also designed a few previvor tees that are available for purchase on zazzle. They can be customized by adding text or changing the design size and orientation, transferring it to other items, such as coffee mugs or mouse pads, and again, I donate everything I make to FORCE (in this case it is 20% of the sale price). I have more designs in my head that need to make it out there and I also take requests. If you’ve been wanting something on a shirt, shoot me a note, I will work with you to create the design and list it in my zazzle shop.

Zazzle tees

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Finally, if you’d like to learn more about me and how and why I made the decision to undergo a risk-reducing prophylactic bilateral mastectomy (PBM), visit my blog by clicking these links or choosing one of the menu options at the top of the page. Happy reading! I hope you enjoy and find what I have posted useful or at least educational. WARNING: NSFW / graphic content. My blog contains photos of my nude post-op torso, which may be considered graphic. Browse at your own risk.