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Calling for bra donations!

Free the GirlsDo you have some old, no-longer-needed, gently-used bras? Want to provide job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking? Free the Girls!

I just read a moving story on CNN about a US non-profit charity, Free the Girls, that helps former sex slaves earn a living by selling donated bras!

By partnering with safe houses and after-care facilities, we provide an opportunity for women rescued from sex trafficking to earn a living selling second-hand clothing while going to school, getting healthy, and caring for their families. – Free the Girls

17 bras donated

My donation

I just had to share this. I was thinking about having a bra-burning party, because I will never wear any of my bras again, but this is so much better!!! I was excited to get upstairs and look through my stuff! Can you help too? Check out the Free the Girls website for more info, drop-off locations, the shipping address, and more.

Here’s a link to the story on CNN: Bras offer lifeline to rescued slaves.