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Calling for bra donations!

Digging up this old post form February for those of you that haven’t seen it.

Free the Girls

Do you have some old, no-longer-needed, gently-used bras? Want to provide job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking? Free the Girls!

I just read a moving story on CNN about a US non-profit charity, Free the Girls, that helps former sex slaves earn a living by selling donated bras!

By partnering with safe houses and after-care facilities, we provide an opportunity for women rescued from sex trafficking to earn a living selling second-hand clothing while going to school, getting healthy, and caring for their families. – Free the Girls

17 bras donated

My donation

I just had to share this. I was thinking about having a bra-burning party, because I will never wear any of my bras again, but this is so much better!!! I was excited to get upstairs and look through my stuff! Can you help too? Check out the Free the Girls website for more info, drop-off locations, the shipping address, and more.

Here’s a link to the story on CNN: Bras offer lifeline to rescued slaves.

Help change or save a life

The My Destiny Foundation needs your help!

Do you want to make a difference? Want to help someone who is at high risk for breast cancer. Join the fight by making a donation to My Destiny, an amazing non-profit organization that was previously highlighted as one of my favorite resources (see: Resource highlight).

My Destiny’s mission is to educate, support and most importantly, empower women of all ages who are at high risk for developing breast cancer and who are choosing to have a prophylactic mastectomy to reduce that risk!  We are dedicated to providing information, resources and financial assistance to this high risk community.  We provide a safe haven for women so they may gain knowledge about their options, share their journey, and to support and inspire each other.  Our online community (breast sisters as we like to be called) will inspire each other to be in charge of their health and more importantly, their destiny.

Help make a difference! This could be your mom, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor, colleague, or a complete stranger. Any gift, no matter how small, will help offset the costs for genetic testing or healthcare for a woman in need.

Your gift will help change and SAVE lives! Click here to visit the My Destiny website and make a donation.