This is what it’s really like to get a mastectomy

Recently I was contacted by a reporter asking whether I’d be willing to participate in a piece on what it’s like to have a mastectomy. Would I share my experience and story? Of course, I said yes! My goal is to put it all out there with the hope to help others in some way. There were a number of women who also provided feedback for the article that was published on Check it out!

logoThis Is What It’s Really Like To Get A Mastectomy

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40, Ann Marie Otis, now 44, had, as she says somewhat jarringly, her breasts “amputated.”

It’s not a term most of us would choose to describe a double mastectomy, but she’s not wrong. After all, an amputation is the surgical removal of an extremity; a mastectomy is the surgical removal of a breast. Thinking of the two procedures as one in the same could drastically change our perception of breast cancer treatment.

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