Regulating the Next Generation of Genetic Tests

Very important topic, especially for those of us who are BRCA mutation uninformed negative. Thank you, FORCE. Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome is not just BRCA.

Thoughts from FORCE

Gene sequencing – also known as genetic testing – is the process scientists use to analyze DNA in search of mutations and variations in an effort to discover more about the connection between genes and traits, health and disease. Since the discovery of BRCA 1 in 1994, the sequencing of genes to find mutations has held importance for people with cancer in their family. With advances in biomedical technology, scientists have developed ways to process thousand of genes at the same time (in parallel) and at lower cost than earlier sequencing methods. These next-generation – or “next-gen” – sequencing (NGS) methods have brought opportunities and challenges to the field of genetics. NGS has allowed the development of panel tests that can look for mutations in many genes, including newly identified genes that might increase cancer risk. One of the challenges involves developing regulations to ensure that the resulting information is…

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2 thoughts on “Regulating the Next Generation of Genetic Tests

  1. thesmallc

    No it isn’t just about BRCA. I just tested for 25 mutated genes (will know more in 3 weeks). I am a carrier of a gene called ATM which probably caused my breast cancer at the age of 32. I think knowledgeable is power!


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