Bra shopping

WARNING: NSFW / graphic content below.

My exchange surgery was on September 11. We swapped out the tissue expander on my left and made a pocket revision to correct the implant bottoming out on the right. The follow up appointment was two weeks later. Everything feels and looks relatively good. Some twinges of pain here and there, but that is to be expected. As far as my results: small issue, but it’s still early as things will change and settle for a while. My next follow up is at six weeks.

Compression braI have been wearing this sexy little hospital-issued number almost 24/7 and was hoping to hear that I could ditch it. Well, I can burn that one, but I do need to continue wearing something. It should be wire-free, but have a tight band. I set out bra shopping this weekend and quickly became frustrated! The first two stores didn’t even carry a 32. I ended at Victoria’s Secret, where I should have started, but that was tiring too. It seems that out of the 23049814 bras VS carries, only a few are wire-free.

First tried on the Perfect Comfort Demi Push-Up in 32DD. Too much padding, I’m still spilling out (no DDD), and the VS girl didn’t know her shit – it has an underwire. I went home with two of the Sexy Tee Wireless Bra in 32D. It truly is wire-free and has no extra padding.

VS bras

photoUpdate: I also went to Nordstrom Monday. My location does not work with United Healthcare, but they offered to provide the paperwork and I can file it myself for UHC to review and decide on.

I didn’t mention this option originally, but should have. As Joyce wrote in the post comments, Nordstrom has fitters and works with most insurance companies for post-mastectomy bra needs. They will find the right bra and file paperwork for the insurance company to cover the expense. Appointment required.

I bought How Perfect by Wacoal in 32D. It is super soft! Love it.

The results

As I mentioned things are looking pretty good, but I do see a small issue: asymmetry. Prior to this surgery my right implant had bottomed out and was lower than the left. Now I am seeing the opposite, although not as much of a difference. I also have a sneaking suspicion that my right side is getting tighter, which may be a sign of capsular contracture, but I don’t want to panic just yet and continue to massage like Dr. M advised.

It is still early and things will continue changing. This may be a non-issue in a few months or it may be worse .. we shall see. In any case, I am just pointing out what I see now. I have not lost sight of the big picture and reason for all of this: I said NOPE to breast cancer! In the words of the wise Casey Eischen: “Prevention, not perfection.” 🙂 ❤

These things really don’t look like a D naked, but you know bras are like jeans: there are multiple ways to measure and it seems like every brand does it their own way. The bras I bought will serve for the next month. After that I hope I can go bra-free.

Reminder: Mentor round, smooth, high profile silicone implants in 450ccs.

2014_9_27 front





9 thoughts on “Bra shopping

  1. Lannis

    Ah, Mogatos, don’t be discouraged… It’ll take a little longer now, but you’ll find something you like. A friend told me about the Coobie Bra, and they’re my go-to now. No wire, decent price, and nice slim foam triangles to tame the perma-nip-ons I’m sporting.

    (Though I’ll advise against the tube top version if you’re as numb as I am post-surgeries–I was wearing one to be nip-on-less under a tank one day and didn’t realize the sucker had rolled up over my foob, so there I was with one nip-on for who knows how long… oh, the joys of numbness…)

    And mine girls are still a little asymmetrical–apparently there’s an allowance measurement for asymmetry, so you probably fall within what would be considered natural. They look AMAZING, so I’m crossing my fingers that you’re in the clear, foobie sister!

    1. nope2BC Post author

      Thanks, Lannis! I am hoping I can go bra free, but we’ll see. I have seen lots of people recommend the Coobie too. It looks really comfy. Thanks again for the feedback and positive thoughts.

  2. Joyce

    I went to a certified mastectomy bra fitter at Nordstrom. The woman was amazing and really knew the way to measure and the fits of the various manufacturers. I have Cigna insurance and it covered the cost of the bras! As my size changed – as edema lessened – I was able to return those now the wrong size and get properly fitting bras. I am a 32 D or DD depending on manufacturer.

    1. nope2BC Post author

      Thanks, Joyce! I know about the Nordstrom thing, just haven’t made it there yet. The bra I purchased fit me the best of all the ones I tried on, but it still isn’t perfect. I am going to Nordstrom today and see if we can find something better. Thanks again.

  3. beth g.

    you look fabulous! my PS told me I HAD to wear underwire! 24/7 for the first 6 weeks!! isn’t it nuts how they all have different viewpoints? like I told you before, im having the same problem with unevenness, but I refuse to go under the knife again! perfection was not my motivation either, and im not satisfied, but I cant dwell! happy healing!

    1. nope2BC Post author

      Yup, they all seem to have their own way. I’m with you in not wanting to have more surgery. For now it’s not that bad, especially if I wear a bra. Thanks! ❤


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