World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is four weeks since my last op, but more importantly it is World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Ovarian cancer is the most serious gynecological cancer with the highest mortality rate and has no standard or routine screening test. Symptoms are often confused with GI conditions. Most patients are identified in advanced stages due to attributing their symptoms to “that time of the month” or “just something I ate” and not seeking medical help.

Teal for my momSadly and tragically, this is my mom’s story. She had some of the symptoms listed. Her and her doctors thought she had GI issues. An endoscopic procedure discovered a fist-size tumor that turned out to be ovarian cancer. I previously posted more of her story: WOCD 2013 post. She lived for a little over a year. I think about and miss her every day. FUCK YOU, CANCER!

Know the symptoms. Ladies, please talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of them.


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