Yup, tissue expander

Tard on drainsDarn it! Yes, it’s a tissue expander. There was too much scar tissue in there, so we are playing it safe. I’m OK with that … I like safe. Also, yes, I do have a drain and yes, I still hate them!

On my right side, we were able to go up to 450ccs and alter the pocket. From what I can see so far, things are looking OK. I will take photos tomorrow after my dressings are off and this pesky drain is out.

Tiddy BearThe procedure took about four hours and I only stuck around for a little bit after. The Tiddy Bear came in handy for the ride home. I ❤ these things! My throat is sore and my chest does hurt, especially on the left side where I have the tissue expander. No surprise there. No showering until tomorrow after I see Dr. M for my follow up. Until then I look as if I was choked by an Oompa Loompa, because of the pre-surgery scrub on my neck :).

Thank you all for the massive amount of positive energy and prayers sent my way. ❤ ❤ ❤

Hubby has been taking really great care of me. I just took delivery of a green smoothie to drink with my Norco. He keeps reminding me to stay on my ass and take it easy. We don’t want a repeat of last year. Nope! My two kitties have not left my side since we got home. You can’t see the other one, because she is under the blanket, spooning my leg. LOL

Recovery buddy

5 thoughts on “Yup, tissue expander

  1. beth g.

    glad it’s over for you! happy healing. I had my straticce and fatgrafting a week ago today. I hurt so bad. the underwire is pinching under the boob that is being pinched by the top of the girdle….and yes…drains…I hate them! hopefully it will come out tomorrow and I have a ton of ?? for doc….take it easy!

  2. Fierce is the New Pink

    Ugh! I feel your pain! 6 weeks ago I came home with a tissue expander and 6 drains after a double lat flap reconstruction. The drains were the most painful part! And the hardest part was sitting on my ass, for sure. Good luck!

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