The waiting game

WARNING: NSFW / graphic content below.

It has been over ten weeks since my exchange surgery and a month since the infection that lead to removal of my left implant. I originally thought that I may have the next surgery just three months after the deconstruction, however some issues linger.

2013_11_7 rednessWhile I was across the pond, spending time with family after my mother’s passing, I experienced a lot of redness on the left side. I emailed photos to Dr. M and was told that the combination of stress, emotional and physical exhaustion, as well as a possible infection were the very likely cause of the inflammation. He instructed me to finish the antibiotic I proactively picked up on my way to the airport. After a few days, the redness went down and hasn’t resurfaced since. This Wednesday I saw Dr. M for a follow up. He did an ultrasound and discovered a couple of small fluid-filled cavities. I am to finish the antibiotic and keep a very close eye on the area, while the serous fluid is reabsorbed and addressed by my body. If the redness returns, the fluid will be aspirated for a culture and a decision on following treatment. I’m 48 hours drug-free and things are looking good.

In any case, my next surgery is scheduled for April 10, 2014. At this point, it is unknown whether a tissue expander will be needed. Nothing to do now, but sit and wait. This is what things look like now. I am not wearing a prosthesis or going out of my way to camouflage my lack of bosom. I’ve come to the conclusion that other people’s discomfort is their problem.

2013_11_13 Front

7 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. Robin Axelson

    I’m very sorry to hear about your setback and the reasons for it. It looks like it is healthy again, anyway. Your beautiful with two or one or none!

  2. Ray

    It must be so frustrating for you!! Hope everything will turn out great at the end. 🙂 My reconstructed breasts are settling nicely and my doctor is very happy about the result. But one of my right breast’s suture popped while I was scratching or pinching or who knows what I was doing lol And it changed the shape a little bit. Not a big deal at all…but it reminded me that this is no way a boob job and not easy to get a perfect result. I don’t even think my expectation for the result was too high but it still made me feel a little sad so I can imagine how hard for you during this time. Hang in there!!!


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