Very Inspiring Blogger Award

InspirationalBloggerAwardI am thrilled to accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from a fellow blogger!

I am touched and very appreciative of this award from Helen who writes My Lymph Node Transplant. Helen is an amazing lady who just underwent a lymph node transplant after living with lymphodema for 11 years – it resulted from a leg surgery related to cancer. She has been documenting her incredible journey and her blog is a great resource that brings awareness to this health condition. Make sure to stop by and read her inspirational story.

I found that there are actually rules and directions that come with this award, such as: link back to the blogger who nominated you and post the award image on your page. Check and Check. Then there are these two:

Share 7 facts about yourself.

If you haven’t already seen my About Me page, here are some random tid bits (you’re getting more than 7): I’m 32, married, no kids, two cats. I ♥ P90X and old school TaeBo. I maintain a plant based, whole foods diet. I like avocados and blueberries. English is my second language. My favorite color is green. I watch Survivor. I’m a casual gamer (Alliance FTW!). Also, I like big butts and I cannot lie (haha, jk).

Nominate other blogs and inform them about it.

(Cracks knuckles) Here are some really amazing Ladies that inspire me for various reasons, but mainly because they are just bad ass. They write blogs or make YouTube videos, and others run whole sites/projects, but rules are made to be broken :). Make sure to check out the other blogs and sites listed on the right under Relevant Blogs & Sites. Now, in no particular order:

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