Pre-op stuff

NoteThe countdown to my PBM has hit single digits! Less than a week away.

I have done/gathered almost every single thing on my checklist with the exception of the recliner. I’m borrowing one from a friend, because I don’t want to buy it just for the occasion and he has six.

Here are some of the pre-op instructions I received from both doctors.


  • Don’t use any aspirin or any products which may contain aspirin (acetaminophen/Tylenol is OK), vitamin E, fish oil, herbal medications, or diet pills within 14 days of surgery
  • Don’t smoke, exercise, or drink any alcoholic beverages for 24 hours
  • Don’t eat or drink ANYTHING, including water, after midnight
  • Don’t bring valuables (jewelry, excessive amounts of cash/credit cards)
  • Don’t wear makeup, perfume, or nail polish


  • Do take your blood pressure, seizure, breathing, heart condition, or thyroid (but not diabetes) medications with small sips of water
  • Do bathe either the morning of or the night before surgery
  • Do wear proper clothing (top that opens in the front)
  • Do have a responsible adult with you to drive you home
  • Do bring your eyeglass case or contact lens case and solution, if needed

I’m anxious and scared, but very excited! Still feel that this is the right decision for me and that I am doing the right thing. Can’t wait to be on the other side.

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